Party and planning

Bachelor party planning is important. I remember my bachelor party planning, where a really big shame happened to me. I really wanted a beautiful big cake for my bachelor party. But I wanted me to have big and nice memories of planning a bachelor party, so I thought I`d make the cake myself! Although I`m not a cook, I don`t think there`s anything heavy about the cake. So I looked at the recipes and went to buy some ingredients. But I must say that some of the ingredients were really interesting. But I bought a lot of strawberries and whipped cream and cream because I wanted a strawberry cream big cake.

Wedding day is very important.

We took bachelor party planning seriously, so I also bought the perfect cake corpora. I preferred to order fifty sandwiches and fifty desserts so that there was something more on the table. We are also archival wine, and everything was perfect. Bachelor party planning must be remembered as the best party in town! And to return to the cake. According to the recipe, I had to make the corpus for twenty minutes in the oven. And so I did. But I was crazy.

You can planning party and do fun.

The corruption from the store was already worth it! But I baked for the very first time, so I didn`t know it. And so it happened that I burned the whole corpora and they were black. Such a pity. But I already had creams and toppings done. So I made the black ones with a knife and poured cream. And finally I gave glaze. I have to say that in the end it all looked beautiful and it was perfect. But only to the eye. Then, when I ceremoniously sliced ​​the cake and everyone tasted it, no one liked it. The body was bitter as it was burned and the icing was strange and no one liked it. I have to say it was a mess! Plus, I didn`t even put strawberries in there, I forgot about them. And in the end, everything was nice. the whole echo party and everyone was together. Everyone laughed at my cake and it`s a nice and funny memory of the whole bachelor party?